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When you need a question answered about what resources are available to students, whether it’s about finding alternative funding, or needing a place to live while in school, or other needs that pop up when you go to school, we can help point you in the right direction.

Meet Shawna, she will make calls throughout the summer to make sure you have funding and housing in place before classes begin (be aware that if your contact information has changed, she cannot help if you need it, contact Shawna directly if your information has changed.) If you do need help reach out to us! We can help students by providing information on the following areas:

Alternative Funding:

Band didn’t fund you? Don’t worry we can help you with that by providing you with a list of other funders that might be able to help. Make sure you have a copy of your denial letter provided by your band (physical and digital), most agencies will need this as proof for their applications.


Although we do not have residences for our students we can help point you in the right direction to housing. In extreme cases, we will help students stay in school by finding suitable housing for the remainder of your studies.


Everybody likes food, and knowing where to get food is important. We do have partnerships at most of our main campuses with local food banks to help out our students to get groceries (be aware that this is only accessible on a 2-week basis). Most of us can also help point you to the right direction to a grocery store. We do recommend bringing a bagged lunch from home because it can get quite pricey eating out every day.


You may have children, and they may need a reliable and responsible caregiver to take them each day while you’re in class. Unfortunately, SIIT does not provide students with childcare, however we can help point you in the right direction, be wary though, wait lists are a reality at some childcare facilities and can have a high cost.

Getting Around:

Lost? If you have access to Google, just Google Maps it! There are ways to type in where you are going, and where you are, and it will help you get directions in a car, by city transit, walking, and cycling (watch out though, we haven’t tested it out in rural communities).

It’s much more affordable to ride the bus than pay for parking. If you’re in Saskatoon or Regina, take advantage of the buses for transportation. Some of you may need access to your vehicle, but still don’t want to pay for parking, some students do find parking at free parking areas that are close to a bus stop, and use that as a way to still have access to their vehicle while also saving money!

General Help:

While in your studies, or just before, you might need some help with figuring out activities for yourself, children, and family members who come to visit. We can help you find leads on:

Afterschool activities for you, and your family.

Special Accommodations that may be needed.

Landed Immigrant? The Open Door Society can help you in Saskatoon, Regina and, PA.


For those who are relocating to major cities for their programming, or if you need help in general, below is a list on people who can help you in city specific regions. You can also email them by contacting Student Services through our Contact Us page. 

Prince Albert

Kyle Bender
Prince Albert Main Campus, Room 101
Phone: 306-953-8278


Shawna Worm
Saskatoon Campus, Main Floor Admissions
Phone: 306-477-9323


Melinda Alexson
Regina Campus, Room 109
Phone: 306-546-5320

Shawna Worm is the Community Resource Worker at the Saskatoon Campus and is one of the many staff at SIIT who can help you find success in your academic goals!

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