A new kind of 9-5

Your family is your first teacher, advisor and guide. They nurture and support you, providing you with tools to grow and succeed.

At SIIT, we are a family.

We cultivate an environment inspired by traditional values. We offer a learning atmosphere with high quality programs tailored to ensure your success. SIIT is here to support you and ensure your success. We have the academic tools and resource supports to meet your learning and career needs.

Student and Learning Services provides leadership, mentorship and support that maintains a proactive, safe and healthy learning environment that is sensitive to and supports First Nations culture and values.

SIIT provides the following support services to assist students while studying at SIIT:



SIIT provides Elder support at each campus. The Elders provide comfort and advice to support your success while attending SIIT.

Cultural Coordinator

The Cultural Coordinator works collaboratively with SIIT’s Elders to develop and enhance cultural services at SIIT. Our Coordinator plans capacity building activities, coordinates projects, events and programs as well as develops and facilitates educational sessions.

Success and Wellness Counsellors

Prioritizing your activities, managing your time and finding balance in all aspects of your life will contribute to your success while attending SIIT. If you feel that you need support to align your responsibilities and goals, our support team is here to assist you.

As SIIT, we understand that there may be personal issues that could influence your academic success. The Success and Wellness staff members are available to help you when you feel you need support to regain balance in order to focus on your studies, fulfill your family responsibilities, continue to develop socially and move forward along your journey.

Campus Coordinators

The Campus Coordinators collaborate with administration, instructors and students to lead the coordination of support services and cultural activities for students. They focus their work to develop positive working relationships with students, Deans, Program Coordinators, instructors, post secondary counsellors and other stakeholders to ensure that communication is shared appropriately.

The Campus Coordinator is responsible for the general coordination of activities related to facility use and for creating a safe and welcoming physical environment for students and staff.

Office Administrators

The Office Administrators are an integral part of the Student & Learning Services team. They are the first point of contract for internal and external clients. They are responsible to assist with student, faculty, administration, and stakeholder inquiries and then will appropriately direct each inquiry to the appropriate Learning Services personnel and other departments. The Office Administrator is also responsible for managing the front office as well as organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures.

Learning Specialists

The Learning Specialists assist students to identify their learning style while focussing on their strengths in the classroom. They administer assessments in order to create an Individualized Education Plan to help one be successful in their learning. The Specialists will advocate and coordinate accommodation(s) for students as well as facilitate presentations on effective learning strategy skills, such as time management, study skills, and organization strategies for success.

Registered Psychologist

The Registered Psychologist/Registered Psychologist (Provisional) work individually with a student who has been referred by the Learning Specialists for additional support. They gather information from the student to identify areas of strength and difficulty. They administer assessments to provide more specific information to help a student including diagnoses, funding options, community supports, assistive technologies and strategies.

Student Associations

The purpose of the campus-based Student Associations will be:

  • To act as an autonomous voice of the students attending SIIT.
  • To support and enhance positive awareness within our institution and community.
  • To support the endeavours of the SIIT within the realm of higher learning.

Each campus will establish a SIIT Student Association which consists of an Executive Council with classroom Representatives from each local program.

“SIIT feels like a community. The entirety of SIIT is there to try to make sure everyone feels included and succeeds in their educational goals.”

Matt Ledoux, Business graduate, is from Muskeg Lake First Nation.

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