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Indigenous peoples across Canada have always embodied innovation and tradition.

Today, a new generation of Indigenous changemakers continue to adapt and respond to new challenges – combining local traditional knowledge with innovative ideas and technologies – creating a new path for their peoples and communities. This new reality presents many opportunities for Indigenous communities across the country to contribute to the innovation landscape in Canada.

During the spring of 2021, SIIT received funding from Sustainable Development and Technology Canada (SDTC), for the creation of the very first Indigenous Innovation Accelerator of its kind in Saskatchewan – the Centre for Innovation.

Building on existing networks and capacity, the Centre for Innovation provides skills-building, experiential and land-based learning, and mentorship opportunities for innovators of all ages, who will have their dreams supported, while creating a space that emphasizes culture, language, and kinship by providing access to traditional knowledge keepers and Elders.

Through a variety of initiatives – including the MakerLodge, the Miyoskamin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Applied Certificate program, microgrants, Indigenous Innovator-in-Residence program, as well as several community outreach and youth-focused programs – the Centre for Innovation works to empower, mentor, and support the next generation of Indigenous innovators and entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan.

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Learn more about the Miyoskamin: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Applied Certificate program here

Winter 2022 - Miyoskamin: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program

Program Length: 5 Months
Start Date: 02/14/2022
Division: Business & Information Technology
Campus: Saskatoon
Location: Saskatoon Campus - Miyoskamin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program
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