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Partnerships between businesses and Indigenous communities have the potential to provide growth and opportunities for all involved. Reach a provincial network of campuses, career centres, indigenous communities and businesses through partnership with SIIT. Contact our Marketing and Communications Department to start the conversation.


  • Explore opportunities for institutional investment in a wide range of program and support service initiatives.
  • Engage new talent through work integrated learning- practicums, co-ops, apprenticeship and more!
  • Attract future employees and labour ready, skilled workforce through speaking engagements, career fairs, and tours.
  • Innovate curriculum for the future of work via collaborative program advisories.
  • Support students directly through SIIT Awards.

Adult Basic Education, Trades and Industrial, and Post-Secondary Programs

More than 30 Academic and Quick Skills programs

SIIT is a First Nation Governed, credit granting post-secondary institution

More than 1000 employers work with SIIT Career Centres every year

Established in 1976

90% Indigenous student body

Over $350,000 in Awards are available to SIIT students every year

9 Career Centres province wide connect job seekers to employment opportunities

SIIT offers a wide range of Student Services and Cultural Supports

Programs are offered at 3 campuses and over 35 community learning sites per year

Students from more than 70 First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and Non Indigenous communities attend SIIT

JobSeries provides foundational, in-community pre-employment training

More than 65% of SIIT Staff and Faculty are Indigenous

JobConnections mobile career services are available for rural communities

More than 60,000 Alumni

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