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SIIT Staff and Student Update

SIIT Staff and Student Update (August 24, 2020)

As we begin the 2020/21 academic year, the health and safety of all staff, students, clients and visitors are of upmost importance and SIIT is taking every precaution to keep our learning community safe. All programs have delivery plans prepared for each phase of Saskatchewan’s Re-Open Plan and our safety plan has been reviewed and approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

In accordance with guidelines from the Province of Saskatchewan all SIIT facilities will remain closed to the general public until further notice. Registered SIIT students and staff will continue to have access to their primary sites. Children, family, and friends are not allowed to accompany staff or students to class/work. Visitors/clients may only enter SIIT sites if they have an appointment. For job seekers and employers looking to access the Careers Centers, please call or email to arrange an appointment. Contact information for each location can be found at and follow your local Career Centre Facebook page for updates.

Information for Students

Hybrid Model: SIIT is executing a “hybrid delivery” model for 2020/21. This hybrid delivery may include in class, take home and online learning. Each program plan is prepared to change in response to public health risks as a result of COVID-19. SIIT program delivery will align with requirements and recommendations from the Ministry of Advanced Education and public health protocols. We will keep all of our students and stakeholders informed as the situation develops.

Attendance and Academic Standing: Regardless of the current phase, all students must continue to engage and participate in their registered program to stay in academic good standing. This includes maintaining required academic performance and expected participation provided by your Instructor and Program Coordinator. Please continue to keep in contact for regular updates and follow the updated SIIT COVID-19 Protocols that can be found on our website:

Safety Concerns: If you have any health and safety concerns, please reach out to your instructor and Program Coordinator as your first contact. If you require further assistance, reach out to the SIIT Health & Safety Officer: and the VP, Employee & Student Services, Tresa Reinhardt

Student Services: Student counsellors and learning specialists remain available to work with you. If you are unsure of who to contact, please email and someone will reach out to you.

Information for Staff

Human Resources Update: The transition back to work in SIIT facilities will follow a staged approach. Staff will continue to receive direction from their immediate supervisor regarding work-from-home and return-to-work expectations. As we transition back to work, there may be travel required. Please seek approval to travel from your immediate supervisor.

COVID-19 Protocol: SIIT has developed a COVID-19 Safety Protocol as well as a suite of materials for staff. Questions regarding these materials can be sent directly to your instructor or supervisor. If you require further assistance, reach out to John Hancock, Health and Safety Coordinator at and Tresa Reinhardt, VP, Employee & Student Services at

Please note a few requirements found in the COVID-19 Protocol:

  • All sites must ensure there is a sign in/sign out sheet at all reception areas for all staff and at all classroom entries for all students and must include an acknowledgment of the health screening questions; staff and students are not allowed to enter SIIT sites if they answer YES to any of the health screening questions and must contact the Saskatchewan Health Region at 811 and follow directives provided.
  • All staff must take mandatory COVID-19 training. If you have not yet completed this training, please check your email for the provided link from Human Resources.
  • All kitchens, appliances, vending machines, water coolers, lounge chairs and couches are not to be used until further notice – staff and students are required to bring their own coffee, water, food, etc.
  • Visitors/clients may only enter SIIT sites if they have an appointment.
  • Standard posters have been created to put up at all SIIT sites – Health notices, preventative strategies, notices of area closures, social distancing requirements, etc. Please ensure you print out these posters and put them up as per the protocol.
  • Our Health and Safety Coordinator, John Hancock has ordered masks and gloves for staff that require them (please speak to your supervisor to determine if they are necessary), as well as, buckets of disinfectant wipes. Department managers can work with John to ensure they are given supplies as needed.

The above list are merely highlights, please ensure you read the COVID-19 Protocol in its entirety. An updated copy of the Protocol will be posted on the website on Friday, August 28th.

Mental Health: Please continue to utilize our Employee & Family Assistance Program if you are experiencing stress or anxiety at 1-800-663-1142 or Homewood Health will continue to offer online counselling services and a large amount of online resources for SIIT staff. Please reach out to HR at if you require additional information.

Further Updates:
We appreciate your hard work during these challenging times and celebrate the innovation and resiliency that our staff have demonstrated as we planned a safe return for programs this fall. SIIT will continue to provide regular updates on operations via email, social media, and our website as plans to re-open the province unfold. Urgent inquiries can be directed to Dr. Victoria Lamb Drover, Director of Strategic Communications at 1-877-282-5622. Messages will be reviewed daily.


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