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Early Childhood Education Professional Development

Supported by the Government of Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Advanced Education, SIIT will be offering a variety of professional development opportunities to address the need for a certified Early Childhood Education workforce that includes more Indigenous people and perspectives.

Please see below for a free library of video resources. This collection of videos, filmed on Treaty 6 Territory, contains interviews and testimonials from Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and experts that relate to various topics in Early Childhood Education. They highlight the importance of Indigenous approaches to child development and provide anti-colonial strategies for Early Childhood Education professionals to use in their practices.

Land-based educational workshops and camps will be hosted starting in the spring of 2023 and will provide additional learning and networking opportunities.

For more information regarding professional development opportunities, program and partnership development, please contact Adrienne Durocher (Associate Director, Academics) at

Video Library

Maria Linklater

Birth and Childhood

Part 1

Teen Years

Part 2

Cultural Preservation & Teachings for Children

Part 3

Family Roles and Parenting

Part 4

How to Live a Good Life

Part 5

Overcoming Addiction

Part 6

Living with FASD

Our Story of Hope

Part 1

Personal Stories

Part 2

Daniel’s Own Words

Part 3

Q & A

Part 4

Connecting Land & Language

Sense of Belonging

Traditional Games with Lamar

Wisdom for Working with Children

The Importance of Children

Chief Sylvia Weenie & Pam Peterson

What is Autism?

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