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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Preparation

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Program Description

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Preparation program is designed to introduce you to aviation and processes commonly used in the industry. Activities focus on the learning of mathematics, physics, the use of technical manuals, drawings, and aviation standard practices to provide the student with theoretical understanding and practical skills needed to safely work in, and meet the requirements of, the SIIT Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program.

Besides addressing trade specific academic requirements, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Preparation program also includes components to build communication, thinking skills, and personal development. On successful completion of the program, participants will be well equipped with skills applicable to a broad variety of careers, and to life in general. Specifically, students successfully completing the program will meet the mature admission requirements and may be granted accelerated acceptance into the AME program at SIIT.

Upon successful completion, the student will be ready to:

  • Apply for the AME 2-year program with SIIT.
  • Be able to apply basic physics and mathematics required for a career in Aviation.
  • Identify and understand basic hand tools and their applications in Aviation.
  • Possess basic understanding of Aircraft structures, theory of flight, air density and effects
    on Aircraft.
  • Explain and understand the importance and accuracy of documentation in Aviation.
  • Be better prepared for the first year with SIIT AME program with an advantage.

Admission Requirements

There are no academic admission requirements for this program, as the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Preparation program is intended to provide students with the requirements to enter the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program at SIIT.

What is required:

  • Interest in pursuing a career in the aviation and aerospace industry
  • A desire to progress into the two-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program at SIIT
  • A willing attitude

Acceptance Policy

Strong preference is given to applicants who are Status First Nations, but SIIT programs are open to anyone.

English Language Benchmark

SIIT is not currently legislated to accept International Students. You must be a Canadian/ Permanent Resident to apply.

To be admitted into this program you must be able to understand and communicate in English (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment of six – CLB6).


  • AMEP 100 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Preparation Fundamentals (180 hours)
    • Includes time for Registration and Orientation
  • AMEP 110 – Essential Skills: Communication (30 hours)
  • AMEP 120 – Essential Skills: Mathematics (150 hours)
  • AMEP 125 – Essential Skills: Trade Science (60 hours)
  • AMEP 130 – Essential Skills: Personal Development (30 hours)
  • AMEP 140 – Essential Skills: Thinking Skills (30 hours)

Tuition and Fees

There is no cost to attend.

What to Expect

Delivery Method

This program is sixteen (16) weeks in length – approximately 30 hours per week of classroom and practical study – and will be delivered out of the Saskatoon Aviation Learning Centre.

Attendance Policy

In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, attendance is regulated by Transport Canada. Students must attend a minimum of 95% of class time. There is a 3-step disciplinary process that addresses truancy.


Students who successfully complete the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Preparation program will earn an Applied Certificate from SIIT.


Classroom tests, assignments, and practical tasks form the assessment for the program. A minimum of 70% must be achieved on every test, assignment, and practical task.

Career & Post-Secondary Opportunities

Aircraft maintenance engineers (AME’s) work in hangars, shops, and sometimes outdoors on the flight line. There are plenty of career opportunities for AME’s ranging from flight line maintenance and inspection (NOC 7315) to heavy overhaul of aircraft and helicopters. Jobs are widely available in civilian and military settings in-province, internationally, and everywhere in between.

Job numbers in aerospace industry maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) in Western Canada lead the country1. There are also significant and new opportunities in aerospace manufacturing as companies continue to establish plants in Western Canada.

Other opportunities in aircraft engineering include the major airlines, but also many regional flight companies located in Saskatchewan, and throughout the Canadian north.

1 Government of Canada. (2022). State of Canada’s Aerospace Industry Report 2020 – IC. Government of Canada Industry Sector Intelligence Aerospace and Defence. Retrieved January 25, 2023, from


The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering industry is currently robust due to increasing labour demand. A starting wage in the industry is 20-30 dollars per hour. Fully qualified trades people can expect to make 40-50 dollars per hour.

After Program Completion

Upon successful completion of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Preparation program, students will have met the requirements to be granted acceptance into the two-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering diploma program at SIIT. As part of this two-year diploma program, students are credited eighteen (18) months of the forty-eight (48) months aviation maintenance apprenticeship experience required to obtain a ‘Category M License’. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license is a federal qualification, honoured and recognized across Canada with no provincial restrictions.

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