Short Term Programs

Automotive Service Technician Preparation


Career Description

Automotive Service Technicians diagnose service, repair and replace all parts of automobiles, light trucks and light buses, except for body repair and repainting. Automotive Service Technicians do this by: Reviewing work orders and discuss work with supervisor; Inspect motor in operation, road test motor vehicles, and test automotive systems and components using diagnostic and testing devices; and will adjust, repair or replace parts and components. These people will also advise customers on work completed, general operation and future repairs that may be needed. 

Program Description

Transportation is at the hub of business and our daily lives, and sometimes the vehicles that we use need repairs or replacement parts to keep running. This program will provide students with an understanding of the job possibilities and related requirements for employment in the industry as well as provide basic hands-on skill development. Students will also develop individual career action plans to guide them to achieve their career goals.

Admission Requirements


Academic Requirements

Minimum Grade 10 Math and Grade 10 Science.

Applicants with a lower level may be considered depending on their experience, and may be subject to a CAAT assessment for placement.

Note: Some employers may ask require a grade 12 to advance in management roles.


Non-Academic Requirements

Valid Class 5 driver’s license is strongly recommended.

Applications should include recent high school transcripts and copies of any other certificates obtained prior to the start of the program.


Industry Requirements

Good eyesight, hearing, manual dexterity, and physical agility for many jobs.

Delivery Method

In this 12 week program, which includes a one (1) week work placement, students can expect to attend 30 hours/week of classes.

50% In-class

50% Hands-on

Additional at home independent learning is not needed.

Tuition and Fees

Dependent on location.

Students can expect to pay little to no fees depending on location and circumstances involved in training (sponsors, LFD).


ASTP 100 Orientation and Safety

ASTP 110 Essential Skills

ASTP 120 Trades Math

ASTP 130 Materials and Tools

ASTP 140 Suspension & Steering Systems

ASTP 150 Braking Systems

ASTP 160 Electrical Systems

ASTP 170 Basic Maintenance

ASTP 180 Job Readiness

ASTP 190 Work Placement (one week)

What to Expect

Students in this course can expect to be at one of our Trade’s Centre’s. We recommend bringing a bagged lunch as eating out can be expensive if done every day. Transportation to the Trades Centre’s depends on location, for some buses may be available; for those who drive parking might be limited; or, if either aren’t an option, catch a ride with a classmate!

This program can be physically demanding, being in good physical condition is recommended. Students can also expect to receive relevant PPE. 

Graduation Requirements

Students must pass all courses in the program to graduate.

The assessment method is pass/fail

Attendance Policy

You must attend class regularly and maintain 90% attendance throughout the program to meet graduation requirements. 

Apprenticeship Requirements

Any person who successfully completes this program would receive 360 hours of trade time credit towards their Automotive Service Technician apprenticeship

There are four (4) levels of apprenticeship in this trade. To graduate from each level of the apprenticeship program, an apprentice must successfully complete the required technical training and compile enough on-the-job experience to total at least 1800 hours each year. Total trade time required is 7200 hours and at least 4 years in the trade.

For more information about this trade, click here.


Career Possibilities

Graduates will find entry-level work in the auto body repair industry. Employment cant be found at manufacturers, dealerships, or, private businesses.

Saskatchewan Wage/Hour (NOC 7321) 







*for more information of related job titles and duties, click here.

International Students

SIIT is currently not legislated to accept International Students. You must be a Canadian resident to apply.

English Language Benchmark

SIIT is not currently legislated to accept International Students. You must be a Canadian/ Permanent Resident to apply.

To be admitted into this program you must be able to understand and communicate in English (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment of six – CLB6).

Acceptance Policy

Strong preference is given to applicants who are Status First Nations, but SIIT programs are open to anyone.

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