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Career Description

Do you enjoy building things and working with your hands? How about working on new and exciting projects and worksites? Love keeping busy and a fast paced environment where the day flies by? If you answered yes than being a Carpenter might be for you!

Carpenters construct, renovate and repair buildings and structures made of wood and other materials. They have high levels of accuracy and detail for measurements and building things to last. 

Program Description

SIIT offers all four levels of technical training for the Carpentry trade, which is recognized across Canada.  An education to be a carpenter will involve extensive learning on the following topics: 

  • Safety Awareness  
  • Scaffolds and Rigging  
  • Building Materials  
  • Tools  
  • Construction Documents, Drawings and Quantity Surveying  
  • Site Layout  
  • Foundations  
  • Concrete  
  • Floor and Roof Framing and Coverings  
  • Exterior Wall Coverings, Windows and Doors (with hardware)  
  • Wall Systems and Interior Finish  
  • Transits  
  • Cabinets  
  • Concrete and Wooden Stairs

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Did you know?

SIIT offers all levels of Carpentry training, you can get all of your training to challenge the Red Seal Exam, which are recognized across Canada. 

Admission Requirements and Deadlines


Apprenticeship Requirements

  • A Grade 10 Math and Science (with no modified classes) is required to start apprenticeship as a Carpenter. It is recommended that you obtain a Grade 12 (with no modified classes) or GED.

Admission Requirement

  • You must be currently working in the trade for at least SIX months and it is preferred that a journeyperson is on site.
  • Strong preference is given to those who are status First Nation.

Program Length

There are four levels of technical training to the Carpentry Trade and it requires the completion of  

  • Level One – 9 weeks* 
  • Level Two – 7 weeks  
  • Level Three – 7 weeks  
  • Level Four – 7 weeks  

*SIIT’s delivery of Level One training includes all SATCC Curriculum and two weeks of pre-employment skills and training.

Delivery Method

Level one includes two weeks of classroom time for pre-employment skills and training and seven weeks of technical training

All levels include approximately 50% classroom learning and 50% hands-on learning.

What to Expect

Students in the Carpentry program can expect to spend about half of their time in the classroom learning theory and process while the other half will be execution in the carpentry lab space. Training to be a carpenter is physically demanding and requires you to spend long periods of time standing, walking, bending and carrying.

Graduation Requirements

Students will need to successfully complete all courses with a 60% average to graduate from the program.

Attendance Policy

Apprenticeship requires a 90% attendance rate. 

Apprenticeship Information

In 1998, SIIT joined with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) to establish the SIIT Joint Training Committee (JTC). The JTC enables qualified First Nations individuals to more easily enter construction trades as apprentices and assists them to achieve full journeyperson status in their respective trades. The JTC-supported trades include those commonly used in residential, commercial and light industrial construction.

  • To graduate from each level of the apprenticeship program, an apprentice must successfully complete the required technical training and compile enough on-the-job experience to total at least 1800 hours each year. Total trade time required is 7200 hours and at least 4 years in the trade. 
  • Students must pass each level exam with at least a 70%

Career Possibilities

There are a large variety of jobs and industries where Carpenters can work, residential, commercial, industrial and can be self-employed.  There is potential for shift work and travel when you are a Carpenter.  

  • $48,900 is an estimate of what someone in this industry would start at, journey people make more starting than levels of apprentices.

International Students

SIIT is currently not legislated to accept International Students. You must be a Canadian resident to apply.

English Language Benchmark

To be admitted into this program you must be able to understand and communicate in English (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment of six – CLB6).

Acceptance Policy

Strong preference is given to those who are status First Nation but programs are open to anyone.

Did you know?

There are sub-trades in Carpentry of Framing and Scaffolding.

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