Power Line Technician Preparation


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Program Description

The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) has partnered with SaskPower to deliver this new Power Line Technician (PLT) Preparation program. The intent of the PLT prep program is to increase Indigenous representation within the SaskPower workforce. The program will support students in obtaining the math and science skills required to be successful in SaskPower’s Power Line Technician apprenticeship program.

Since working at heights is an essential skill required by PLT’s, this program also includes a module on climbing to build best practices, confidence, and safety at heights. Additionally, the program includes a robust safety training component, general Power Line Technician technical knowledge, and builds communication, employability, and life skills. Upon completion of the program, participants will be well equipped with skills applicable to a broad variety of careers, and to life, in general.


Admission Requirements

  • One of the following: Grade 12, Adult 12, or GED
  • A clean criminal record check for at least the last 7 years
  • Valid Driver’s License

Industry Requirements

  • Flexible working location (willing to relocate to designated work area)
  • Physical fitness and comfort with working at heights

Acceptance Policy

Strong preference is given to applicants who are Status First Nations, but SIIT programs are open to anyone.

English Language Benchmark

SIIT is not currently legislated to accept International Students. You must be a Canadian/ Permanent Resident to apply.

To be admitted into this program you must be able to understand and communicate in English (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment of six – CLB6).


  • PLTO 111 – PLT Climbing
  • PLTO 110 – PLT Technical Overview
  • PLTW 112 – PLT Work Areas
  • PLTE 113 – PLT Tools and Equipment
  • PLTS 118 – PLT Safety and Safe Work Practices
  • MATH 114 – Math Essentials
  • MATH 116 – Math for PLT
  • PLTC 116 – Communication Skills
  • PLTL 117 – Personal Development
  • PLTS 119 – Trade Science
  • PWSP 120 – Working with SaskPower

Tuition, Fees, and Funding

There is no cost to attend this program. A training allowance will be provided to successful applicants.

What to Expect

Delivery Method

This program is twelve (12) weeks in length.

Attendance Policy

Students must attend a minimum of 90% of class time.


Students who successfully complete the Power Line Technician Preparation program will earn an Applied Certificate from SIIT.


Classroom tests, assignments, and practical tasks for the assessment for this program. A minimum mark of 70% must be achieved in order to pass this program.

Career Opportunities

The goal of this program is to set students up to be successful in gaining employment as a Power Line Technician apprentice with SaskPower. The access path is traditionally a pre-interview online skills assessment that focuses on math, followed by a bootcamp that focuses on the ability for an applicant to work at heights. Upon completion of this Power Line Technician Preparation program, students will have demonstrated all of the skills and knowledge required to succeed at the SaskPower Power Line Technician Boot Camp.

If the student is unsuccessful in the SaskPower Power Line Technician Boot Camp, there are several private contracting companies in the province that may recruit students that successfully complete the program. The Power Line industry is currently robust due to increasing electrical demand. A starting wage in the industry is approximately $21 per hour. Fully qualified tradespeople can expect to make approximately $47 per hour.

Like many trades, there is a 4-year apprenticeship program. Currently, the apprenticeship level training is offered through Southeast College in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

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