Below, you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you require further information, please contact an advisor.

Academic Programs

What do tuition and student fees cover?
Tuition covers the required program courses and textbooks. For students in Regina and Saskatoon, your fees cover access to city transit (UPASS).

What do I need for school supplies?
We recommended that you have a backpack, binder, pens/pencils and loose leaf.

What is the attendance policy?
Most programs have a 90% attendance policy and your instructor will inform you of the attendance policy at your first class. Attendance is often tied to your funding, and you are encouraged to strive for 100% attendance.

What is a conditional acceptance?
Conditional acceptance is granted when you are required to complete an admissions requirement before full acceptance is granted. This may include completing high school requirements or courses from the previous year.

How do I get a copy of my high school transcripts?
High school transcripts can be ordered from the Government of Saskatchewan website. There is a fee. If you do not have a credit card, preloaded credit cards can be used to pay this fee. You can try contacting your high school to request a copy of your transcripts, as this may save you paying the fee.

What are the academic requirements for the program I want to take?
Each program has different requirements. Please visit our programs page and select the program you are interested in to determine what the requirements are.

What can I do if I don’t have the academic requirements for a program?
You can upgrade certain subjects at SIIT. Please contact one of our advisors for more information.

    Student Services

    What student supports do you offer?
    Supports may be dependent on your program or location. Common supports at SIIT include:

    • Academic Advisors
    • Academic Coaches
    • Learning Specialists
    • Registered Psychologists
    • Success & Wellness Coaches
    • Cultural Coordinators
    • Elders and Knowledge Keepers

    Please contact for more information or to book an appointment.

    Are you able to accommodate my learning disability?
    We encourage you to disclose any learning disability on your application. If disclosed, we will reach out to you to discuss accommodations.

    What cultural supports are available to me? (Elder services? Culture room?)
    SIIT has campus elders in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert and provides elder supports to our other locations as they are needed. SIIT has a Cultural Coordinator who coordinates a range of cultural activities at all three of our urban campuses throughout the year.

    Do you provide the required equipment for trades and industrial programs?
    SIIT provides all personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats, eye protection and steel-toe boots, for programs where these items are required.

    Living in a new community

    Moving to a new community?  Check out the links below or speak to staff at your campus. They can help you find additional resources.

    Saskatoon Campus Coordinator
    Sonia Pete

    Regina Campus Coordinator
    Tori Bellegarde

    Prince Albert Campus Coordinator
    Barb Nilghe

    Do you have student housing?
    No. SIIT does not have student residence facilities. Please see the information below on rental resources.

    How do I find a rental property in the community?
    There are many online resources listing available rental properties. When making your decision, consider the location, access to transportation and whether utilities are included.

    For affordable housing information, visit the following websites based on the city:

    How do I contact the local food bank?

    How do I set up my utilities?
    For more information and to set up services, please contact the local providers listed below.



    Water and sewer

    Internet, television, phone/mobile

    Do you offer childcare?
    SIIT does not offer childcare. The Government of Saskatchewan provides an online list of licensed childcare facilities in communities across the province . For unlicensed facilities, check Kijiji or search for local Facebook groups dedicated to childcare options.

    Is there parking?
    The Saskatoon campus has 3-hour meter parking on the street and many pay lots in the surrounding area. There is free parking at the Saskatoon trades locations. Free student parking is available in Regina and Prince Albert campuses and trades locations.

    What are the public transportation options?
    Transit service is available in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. For students in Saskatoon and Regina, your UPASS provides you with access to transit services. Use the links below for more information on transit in your community, including routes.

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