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Head Office

118 - 335 Packham Avenue
Asimakaniseekan Askiy Reserve
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4S1

Phone: 306-244-4444
Provincial toll-free: 1-800-667-9704


229 4th Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK S7K 4K3

Phone: 306-244-4460
Toll-free: 1-877-282-5622

710 C 15th Avenue East
Prince Albert, SK S6V 7A4

Phone: 306-953-7225

265 Albert Street
Regina, SK S7R 2N5

Phone: 306-546-2945

Community Locations

For more information on programs offered in communities throughout Saskatchewan, please contact our Saskatoon Campus.

Career Centres

1301 - 101st Street
North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z9

Phone: 306-445-4890
Fax: 306-445-4925

687 Bereskin Ave
Creighton, SK S0P 0A0

Mailing: Box 353
Creighton, SK S0P 0A0

Phone: 306-688-1222 or 306-688-2140
Fax: 306-688-1221
Toll-free: 1-844-688-1222

1303 La Ronge Avenue
PO Box 1588
La Ronge, SK S0J 1L0

Phone: 306-425-5758
Fax: 306-425-5792
Toll Free: 1-866-750-8820

4602 49 Ave.
Lloydminster, SK S9V 0T2

Phone: 306-825-6501

Suite 101, 1008 1st Avenue West
Prince Albert, SK S6V 4Y4

Phone: 306-953-7228
Fax: 306-953-7231 or 306-953-5808

2415 7th Avenue
Regina, SK S4R 5E7

Phone: 306-721-4473
Fax: 306-721-4478

Main Floor, 229 4th Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK S7K 4K3

Phone: 306-373-4694
Fax: 306-244-5717

253 Myrtle Avenue
Yorkton, SK S3N 1R5

Phone: 306-783-2224
Fax: 306-783-2248

905 1st Avenue West
PO Box 2030
Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Z4

Phone: 306-234-2375
Fax: 306-234-2378

Adult Basic Education, Trades and Industrial, and Post-Secondary Programs

More than 30 Academic and Quick Skills programs

SIIT is a First Nation Governed, credit granting post-secondary institution

More than 1000 employers work with SIIT Career Centres every year

Established in 1976

90% Indigenous student body

Over $350,000 in Awards are available to SIIT students every year

9 Career Centres province wide connect job seekers to employment opportunities

SIIT offers a wide range of Student Services and Cultural Supports

Programs are offered at 3 campuses and over 35 community learning sites per year

Students from more than 70 First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and Non Indigenous communities attend SIIT

JobSeries provides foundational, in-community pre-employment training

More than 65% of SIIT Staff and Faculty are Indigenous

JobConnections mobile career services are available for rural communities

More than 60,000 Alumni

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies

Administration Office
Suite 118-335 Packham Avenue
Asimakaniseekan Askiy Reserve
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4S1