Business & Technology


Career Description

There are is a growing need for business professionals that can do administrative work in various sectors like service industries to retail, or agriculture to mining. People in this field often specialize in the following fields: Accounting, Finance, HR, Management, Marketing, or become an entrepreneur and start their own business.

People who work in this field typically work the “9-5” and have weekends off, which allows for a consistent lifestyle.

Program Description

If you’re looking for a career in the business world, SIIT’s Business Program can provide you the know-how to get started! The Business Program will provide a general overview of the major business functions you may encounter in small, medium and large companies or organizations. You will gain practical knowledge and theory, while having opportunities to put what the concept’s you have learned into group and individual assignments. In fact, student projects have influenced changes at SIIT’s campuses to have water bottle refill stations and a Pride Centre!

Admission Requirements and Deadlines


Academic Requirements

  • One of the following: Grade 12, Adult 12 or, GED 
  • One of the following or equivalent: 
    • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 30 
    • Math: Foundations 30 

Mature Admission

  • 21-years-of-age or older 
  • Any applicant under special admission is subject to a CAAT Assessment

Business Diploma Pre-requisites

Successful completion of the one-year Business Certificate.

Delivery Method

Primarily in-class instruction.

5-10 hours per week of independent (homework learning) and group learning.

(Optional) Co-op Program

Tuition and Fees

Year One
Tuition Textbook Compulsory
$3,774 $1,500 $525 $5,799
Please note: All fees are subject to change.
*Total amount does not include the required UPass Transit Bus Pass for Saskatoon & Regina students.
Year Two
Tuition Textbook Compulsory
$3,774 $1,500 $525 $5,799
Please note: All fees are subject to change.
*Total amount does not include the required UPass Transit Bus Pass for Saskatoon & Regina students.
U-Pass - Saskatoon and Regina Transit Bus Passes

$260 per year

$130 per semester

The U-Pass is a City Transit bus pass for students that allow you to save on transportation costs. The U-Pass fee is a provided at a reduced cost compared to a standard monthly City Transit pass and is mandatory for most SIIT students in Saskatoon and Regina. You may use the U-Pass as many times as you would like during the academic term. Students who meet certain requirements can opt-out of the U-Pass, please contact the Admissions department for more information.
Please note: U-Pass fees are subject to change.


Year One – Certificate

ACCT 115-Accounting I

ACCT 125-Accounting II

BCMP 115-Business Competencies

BCOM 120-Communications

BFIN 115-Mathematics of Finance

COMP 120-Management

ECON 115-Microeconomics

ECON 125-Macroeconomics

HRMT 125-Human Resource Management

MKTG 125-Marketing

STAT 125-Statistics

Year Two – Diploma

BCMP 215-Business Competencies II

BFIN 225-Finance

CLAW 215-Commercial Law

CXMT 215-Customer Experience Management

DCSM 215-Business Decision Making

EBUS 215-E-Business

FNLE 215-First Nations Leadership and Ethics

MACC 215-Managerial Accounting

OPMT 215-Operations Management

ORGB 215-Organizational Behaviour

PFIN 215-Personal Finance

SBUS 225-Small Business Management

Optional: MATH 300 -Applied Calculus for Business

What to Expect

Business professionals often have the skills to do administrative work that is involved in helping a company run its business, or for emerging entrepreneurs to help start businesses. This program will help students gain skills in multiple fields to help be successful at finding and maintaining employment in their future.

The first year of study will cover basics in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Economics, Marketing and Communications.

The second year of study will allow you to study Accounting, Human Resources, or continue into Business Administration which will allow you to continue to study general business topics in greater detail. Math 300: Applied Calculus for Business is offered as an optional course in this year. Students who plan on transferring to a university to receive their degree are encouraged to take this course.

The Business program at SIIT is offered at our main campuses in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and, Regina. Students enrolled in this program can expect to be in classes 30 hours a week, Monday to Friday. In most cities SIIT has partnerships to help students have a reliable way to class, this is built into the tuition. Students in this program can also take part in the Coop Program to earn an income while you learn.

Food: SIIT is proud to offer a breakfast program to help you start your mornings in a good way at the three campuses. Students enrolled at any of the campuses can enjoy a free meal every school day. Although we do not provide a lunch service at either of our three campuses, there are options nearby; but be warned, eating out does become expensive. It’s for this reason we recommend bring a bagged lunch from home to eat on campus.

Student activities are planned through the Student Association at each campus, and you can elect a class member to represent you on the Student Association to bring up topics related to your life on campus as a student as well as your peers.

Graduates of the Business program will have the option of transferring their credits to the Edward’s School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Lethbridge, or the First Nations University of Canada to complete a four-year degree.

Graduation Requirements

You must maintain a passing mark of 60% to graduate.

Attendance Policy

We recommend that students attend all classes; we do know that life can throw a mean curve-ball or appointments cannot be missed, in this case, please let your instructors know of your absence to make arrangements for missed class time.

If applicable follow your funder’s requirements.

Career Possibilities

There are many paths you can take with this program. Graduates in this field will be able to work in administrative positions and in supervisory roles in many organizations. You can also take what you have learned to open a business or help grow a start-up.

English Language Benchmark

To be admitted into this program you must be able to understand and communicate in English (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment of six – CLB6).

International Students

SIIT is currently not legislated to accept International Students. You must be a Canadian resident to apply.

Acceptance Policy

Strong preference is given to those who are status First Nation but programs are open to anyone.

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